Hello I'm the spherical Barbie Tarot and

welcome back to my channel
ok so for this introduction given that
we are carrying out it in the midst of the
month and I by now instructed you fellas
all the things that is occurring to the
month of October 2018 both in love and
job I figured that appear on for this
introduction and just kind of speak about
what my mission is with these appreciate
ok so my mission with these adore
readings is I hope to influence individuals with
a way of electric power inside their appreciate daily life
these readings are based upon the Sun and
then I'm looking through for now that's to not
state that you know You cannot cross check out
you are able to but you are aware of this examining is
determined by the interpretation and about the
watch of whichever indicator which i'm carrying out
this looking through on so bear that in your mind
also this examining is for couples singles
divorced you name it and that's since
of the simple reality of what I have detailed
right before but which is as it's to the
specific appreciate it is not just getting
marriage on the romance Regardless that
I do Center these readings are data
like is not simply that adore is you are aware of
you ought to be loving That which you do for your
dwelling I love what I do for any dwelling you
ought to be loving you eat loving how
you glimpse loving you self-adore is so
significant and plenty of times when men and women
are solitary these readings should do
with adore yourself all right so bear that
in your mind I do not really want men and women to
get this reading through to imply that you understand
somebody who isn't information your use your
use your very best judgment if another person is just not
displaying you the interest if another person is
not performing the things they're purported to be
doing this reading just isn't does not have
something to try and do with them get back your
electric power That is why I started off this organization
It really is Mike begun this channel simply because I
wanted to aid people today harness the power
of their particular head because many of us have
the capacity to have anything that we
and it just it commences here alright so this
is the first introduction that I have
for my love readings Any further but
obviously for subsequent thirty day period I will
certainly throw in a few Astro Tarot
style of give an outline of all the
readings but considering that I have never finished
all of the really like readings I thought I might just
come on and make this happen being an introduction
as an alternative so I hope this served and I also
hope that you just take pleasure in your appreciate studying
Hello Pisces many thanks a great deal for signing up for
Once more around the spiritual Barbie taro
which is your like studying the
chariot retains wishing to arrive out all right
so Yet again This really is your like looking through
This can be for that finish the middle to your
close of October 2018 joyful Halloween men
surprise sees Sun Moon and a increasing
people male and or feminine alright
depart me I have gotten comments like that
I hope You do not intellect the songs participating in
during the history I identical to it it
will make me feel great so sorry I am enjoying
it uh-huh How are you going to like it in any case so
um this reading concentrates on the
individual and I just choose to see what's
coming in to suit your needs fellas just give me a
next I like shuffling on camera ok
Pisces what is actually coming in in your case men in
terms of affection relationship associations
singles couples you determine what's your
like journey what's going on all right Pisces
so for the last two weeks of Oct
2018 you fellas are gonna be in the ATIS
toward energy about appreciate Pisces Will not
do that you're gonna be emotion just a little
trapped within a situation or by a person
okay so the president energies all around
the seven is sorta move you fellas could be
emotion like you're remaining deceived by
someone or a few of you guys may be
deceiving somebody's wow which is that's
your problem is the enthusiasts wow I come to feel
like many of you men what what I just
get that a few of you men may very well be with
a person already and you can experience like
you've got satisfied your accurate soul mate and
you're ready with someone during the latest
previous that is I am discussing during the
the latest past it seems like many of you
guys could have been acquiring
conversation with somebody or owning
Group or a number of you guys might have
fulfilled anyone and they are married and
you are sneaking all-around
be mindful these intelligent Pisces don't do
alright um me pull the brute Strength the
rheumatism the queen of cups for even
before I even start all right not correct it
looks like several of you might Pisces
we are just remaining your PI C self proper in
the distant past you were being just getting you
just remaining intuitive psychological you are aware of
this goddess queen of cups Strength and
all sudden You begin getting this
conversation or You begin receiving all
this interest or you start finding
actually excited about one thing ok and
now this excitement Practically like this
this child signifies like anyone type of
like you know speaking with you but like in
an enjoyable way or you getting this
interesting person exactly where it's possible you reached
out to another person probably you men started
speaking to somebody from the new earlier
but it was mainly because maybe you felt like
you had emotions for this individual and so
now in this article you are kind of performing this
issue and the present Vitality exactly where
you happen to be style of hiding from a emotions
a number of you fellas are merely hiding from
your emotions for the seminar or this
other man or woman can powering it for their
emotions but I will read the seven
of swords for bulk of you guys as
you fellas either sensation like another person's
deceiving you you men failed to like
special you might be deceiving anyone or
you're probably not declaring almost everything and
I understand I often get flack Anytime I
pull the 7 asuras Everyone receives mad
I am so sorry it's a card within the deck
handle it I actually Never treatment it
would not occur up in the event you weren't carrying out it
I really You should not care um you are aware of if
you are upset I really don't I can not help
it I really I don't anyway so or this
time no stars may very well be you fellas just
deceiving yourself or you could possibly be form
of like not I want to say you might be jogging
a scam on another person or managing match on
a person however , you're not really staying
upfront with an individual you have ulterior
motives or an individual may have ulterior
motives with you all right so be aware
mainly because your advice could be the aid of shop
so your suggestions will be to recognize that you you
may be blocking oneself off from
certain things or you will find truths about
you Or perhaps many of you men may be
associated involved in a predicament that
may not be so ideal Will not be in denial
which is your information
You can not just off interior needs and become
king of Pentacles
you fellas could possibly be seeking a certain
man or woman or perhaps a sort of human being many of
you men can be you are aware of sort of
seeking a king of Pentacles type of
man or woman so businessman a businesswoman
a person who's quite stable grounded for
a number of you several of you men or ladies
you could be scheming asked how to get
with anyone who has some huge cash
like it could just be so simple as that
that is so interesting as to wherever that is
taking place it's totally appealing concerning
why which is occurring but I really feel like for
the vast majority of you fellas although this king of
Pentacles Is that this king of Pentacles is
most likely you already know now an individual in
your lifetime or any individual you have
currently met or some archetype of a
person that you may want in your lifetime
that you may be seeking to maneuver
about lifetime to have this individual or to
meet this human being or to obtain this man or woman
appear into your lifetime so I am gonna swords
can it be's It is really form of its concealment
let us just hold it at that so inside the
nephew all right after which you can each and every other queen
of Wands and I had been expressing when I was
pulling these cars and trucks I had been such as this man's
in the middle appropriate I gotta zoom you
guys in for just a sec sorry so It can be um you
men in somewhat more want you guys to
see all ideal seem how this male's while in the
Center ideal Hence the 7 historians guy
and seem throughout to the individuals so
a few of your Pisces are like Placing on
distinct hats putting on and Truthfully I
love Pisces IRA I am Pisces moon arising
so I am able to absolutely see this isn't me
and really like honestly cuz I put the love
looking at so all the things resonate with me
but I can thoroughly comprehend this Vitality
okay It is all about perspective I'm
definitely gonna have lots of people
commenting I really Do not care I think
a number of people who touch upon my channel
are like Strange and like just have their
personal challenges and I just really I do not
internalize that any more I just
transmute it take the Power and make
myself better as you are able to see I have been
acquiring so much better so I actually Do not
treatment so I am just gonna say what I would like
nonetheless it appears like some of you guys are
like putting on distinct hats ok to
reach this mainly because it's you desire the
bag Pisces This is often what This really is
and aim hem listed here this man or woman this
Electrical power Here's the top goal so you are
putting on all of these unique hats and
It can be attention-grabbing because you began off
as this sweet individual you're going suggest
which most Pisces most of us commenced off as
a sweet human being after which you can just life just
gets at us and after that we grow to be you already know
we come to be Pisces we turn out to be the Pisces
that individuals want to drag for no motive
you are aware of I signify for a few of us some
persons may get there lots of people could possibly
not they don't care for several of you fellas
while you could potentially come to feel like a person that
you're with is like It truly is putting on a lot of
distinctive hats or is conversing with this
a variety of people today all right we're gonna
really need to pull clarify there is certainly too many
people today in this examining
alright exterior elements influences
close to you may be the knight of Wands so
in this article you in this article will come A further fiery Electrical power
are available okay so there there could be a
youthful fiery Power about you now
Let's have a look at what he's performing with me
clarify hopes interferes I necessarily mean that's
legitimate a number of you men are such as this is
an excessive amount of and there is a ton occurring so
that it could be excessive for you personally I am
not gonna lie to you personally it may just be too
Substantially enjoy all around you guys or two new
people giving you like prezzies and
you can't and the general Electrical power for
both of these weeks may be the Ace of Cups so
certainly undoubtedly undoubtedly new
love Pisces there is a new adore there is a
new psychological commencing underlying
Electricity could be the Empress you men are like
you already know attraction magnets attracting
in so a number of people like honey
to some B or B to eight no honey to probably
but um you guys are desirable today
so you a lot of you guys are attracting
In this particular Electrical power and so that's why inside the
Centre you happen to be just sort of like not
genuinely Placing your like form of showing
one particular aspect It is really like an iceberg like
you're only showing a little bit I set
such as this present far more underneath or
you might be putting on just like a mask you
determine what I signify several of you men are not
undertaking a bit an excessive amount of some of you fellas
I def You do not Believe you should expose
all the things about yourself on the primary
working day I feel that's BS I believe individuals that
do which are the
- who's our like you ought to be wise you
really should be strategic which you might be just
being strategic right this moment and i am gonna
get mad dislikes I actually Really don't treatment
many of you but but This is what I am
indicating This is when it gets to be a problem
It really is like when you are coupled with
an individual for many years as you have
to remember I'm not studying for only a
couple individuals so get over oneself if
you need a private looking through just obtain one
This really is this looking at is for everybody
all right so if you're single and you've got no
attachment to any one and you simply're accomplishing
all this stuff no person's definitely obtaining
harm you're one but should you be in a
romance with anyone and you're
accomplishing all this stuff that's when it
gets to be my things since your challenge
is definitely the enthusiasts your obstacle is usually that
you've met a soulmate
ok you have fulfilled someone who you link
with over a further stage all right the fans
Electrical power about I say I do not actually
concur with soulmates I don't love the
idea of it I do think it's restricting the
lovers Vitality once you encounter it in
real everyday living it's very tough to interrupt that
bond and but lots of you fellas nevertheless
who are in connections like that that
at any time like you are aware of you happen to be driving
by yourself mad it's actually not the fans
Power get yourself a studying and you may see it's
not it's it's like the devil or
one thing it's not authentic but Using the
enthusiasts Electricity It truly is like some circumstance
some relationship that's valid that both of those
individuals come to feel it on precisely the same amount It is really
very incredibly clear when I see this
Electricity irrespective of whether It really is for another person I am
examining for or if it's in my existence the
link is legitimate it is actually equal on both of those
elements we each experience the identical way and I
sense it with friends I come to feel it with jobs
I truly feel it with you are aware of a persons I have
satisfied I've completed readings people wherever this
continues to be like and it's been remarkable for
them alright but it is not such as this human being
just disappeared and has not talked to
you guys in eight yrs that's not what
happened with the lovers ok so many of
you guys and that is not what's happening
all suitable
conscious I'm you current Electricity 7
of swords what's the 7 It can be toward
exactly simply because This can be like we're all
the reality lies that is the wheel of
fortune which is that's for which is for that
universe to be aware of and for you to understand
nonetheless it looks like It can be some type of
substance chance
ha it has to do While using the new deal with
something that is currently being offered to you personally
something which is coming into your daily life
or had that has appear into your daily life
Pisces mainly because maybe Once i add this
for a few of you fellas that maybe it has
currently occur into your lifetime and it's
come in the shape of an opportunity ok
I do not know I feel like I required to
grab the Superior Priestess but it really's come in
the shape of an opportunity a stable
foundation so why will you be men
approaching it like the 7 of swords
as it perhaps It can be such as you fellas
haven't got have faith in for it due to
substantial priestess huh you do not need to
expose all and It is really it's possible It is really for the reason that
you guys truly feel harm it looks like the
weirdest seven of swords Vitality is
coming from alright for vast majority of you
men I'm studying for that are feeling
similar to this It truly is coming from the fact that
you don't need to expose every all your
cards all right and It is due to this It is really
because the 5 of swords cuz you know
you got stabbed inside the back again prior to or
you recognize you're still style of healing
with that and you merely don't need to
open up absolutely so you are just type of
such as you're carrying out that issue in which he
does you know anyone is aware he is a UH
he's like he is not he's not demonstrating all
his playing cards you understand I mean ok so for any
great deal of you guys for the majority of of you guys I am
looking through for your 7 of swords Electrical power
It is really about a new experience a thing that's
brought in from your wheel that comes in
the shape of a Actual physical prospect it
may very well be it will not be it doesn't suggest
fiscal It is really um it is a it is a stable
offer it is a stable give Along with the ace
of Pentacles it's extremely stable but lots
of you men are kind of maneuvering
about it like I just appreciate how they drew
him This can be like any time I'm remaining the
stuffiness swords That is my deal with like
severely It is like my mom hates it
[New music]
but it's because you're identical to your
your when your the 7 of swords
you happen to be seeking to hold the higher hand
that is where it originates from so you might be
just attempting to preserve the higher hand but
I am den all over again Yet again I am aware men and women
are gonna be angry and seriously Really don't care
I always tell people In the event the feedback get
presently You should not squander your
Strength I just utilize it for myself And that i
make myself better like I just continue to keep
increasing you know very well what I suggest you should
feed me go ahead you head if you are
greater off just not clicking on my
channel all right so from the current previous year
the website page of desires alright so This is often
optimistic interaction enjoyment like
likely into a finding out endeavors let us
clarify this website page at the time let's see what
that's about enlisted Middle outlets so
that's which is honestly like remaining
fired up immediately after an ending of the cycle so
It truly is absurd after a just after a troublesome ending
of some sort below you might be from the the latest
previous staying like all right let us go let us you
know just currently being psyched all over again remaining
enthusiastic about life several of you guys
nevertheless you could have built a proposal or
you might have like sent out some form
of conversation that maybe did not finish
nicely ahead of while in the current past and that
may very well be why now in the present energy
you guys would be the seven of swords ok
you fellas also are type of playing it
sleek simply because maybe it's possible the individual
who did that to you and I truly feel like I am
correct cuz After i see the Sun I truly feel like
I'm appropriate it's possible the person who did it to
you now they're coming back so now
you are like several of you fellas all right that's
what it feels like all proper so your
obstacle nevertheless is the lovers so there
may be some legitimate inner thoughts Pisces
these feelings I'm just kidding okay so
let's see why the fans would be the
eita Pentacles attempting to come out but I
just place it again in the back why may be the
lovers of problem it's due to the
examine that
hmm exactly what is this lovers or present the
fool reversed huh I think some of you
guys are eager to like have a leap or
your or your mental or your your like
intuition It truly is just variety of claiming for
you to definitely leap into it and I feel many
you fellas are possibly as part of your head about
leaping into it or you happen to be scared of like
regretting it you happen to be scared of your
body the the shadow aspect or perhaps the devil
has got to do with panic that's what the
devil represents you represents worry
he's a scary image for a purpose
simply because he signifies your fears okay so
your problem goes after a ton
circumstance as it's such as you guys are
not getting this leap I do think lots of
you Pisces are like hmm I don't desire to
just take this leap of religion and It can be mainly because
of you you do have a great deal of fears all-around it
arrive on just end internal dreams will be the
king of Pentacles so a few of you men
are a few of you guys can just defeat the
king of Haskell's just stand for revenue
so possibly you might be maybe below focused on
your finance monetary scenario appropriate
now such as you're just attempting to make
dollars at this time such as you're wishing to
deliver up your small business cuz he is a he
does not just earn a living he's a
businessman you already know I mean so some of
you men could just be wishing to like
make give attention to your finances give attention to
your vocation concentrate on your online business
why is your mindful thoughts inner
needs the king of Pentacles which is
as a result of six of cups and also the three
of Pentacles hmm many of you guys might be
considering a particular human being appropriate
with that king of Pentacles and It truly is
since maybe that you are obtaining problems
like letting go on the Recollections with
them it seems like It is really something that
was just like a woulda coulda
that style of circumstance in which It is really like
you simply know you realize it won't
perform it has not labored but just a little piece
of you continue to kind of clings to it from
time for you to time and like it's an issue for
you to let go of it for a few of you men
all like I had been expressing if your enterprise
is something which you really like to do
and It really is a thing that actually inspires
creativity in you you may be focused on
you realize you might be creating on it or
incorporating much more to it or performing
to it since the three of Pentacles
It truly is like it's possible you really feel like items
usually are not actually working for it so you
just want to take a position your Strength into
what's the king of Pentacles stand for
the 9 of cups yeah It really is some thing
that you are wishing for is one thing
you have a lot of motivation for it
may be somebody that you've many
motivation for and perhaps you're awaiting
and maybe It truly is mainly because I am acquiring a ton
off this Electricity no it just thinks I'm
gonna continue to keep it similar to this a lot of you
men are focused on both funds a man
or girl with dollars building your own private
money your vocation your practical things
going following cash mainly because That is what
you'd like it represents things that
you happen to be wishing for It will fulfill you
with that 9 of cups Electricity and why
do you think you're focused on it It is really thanks to
the six of cups and also the a few of
Pentacles so perhaps you've normally wanted
this you center on producing your desires
occur accurate and they may be fairly
physical that may be routed product
ebook They are your desires and all of a
unexpected listed here arrives this love that's what
the universe does That is what it does
you recognize you are just chilling you're
getting a superior time you pull it out and
Abruptly there is certainly just adore that
will come the enthusiasts and you also're just like
wow so your your information along with your Vitality
for both of these months may be the eight of
swords Exactly what are you in denial about but
why did someone see that automobile that's
like somebody's in denial What exactly are you in
denial with regards to the ace of swords examine
that so you might be in denial about some sort
of truth some type of new thought perhaps you
feel like it isn't really gonna happen possibly
you happen to be restricting you you are not
prepared to broaden a lot more you're fearful but
you know that you need to shift using this
That is something which you really want
This may be any individual that you've been
waiting for
it's possible very little specific particular person which I don't
Believe you should be looking ahead to a
particular man or woman Truthfully but maybe not
the precise person that you
you want in but you will find one thing there
between you which individual
so why are you fellas you realize in this
position quick like You cannot go for the reason that
of the king of swords in the ace of
Pentacles huh you're sticking in your
guns okay with that
king of swords It is like you guys are
either sticking for your guns as part of your
job and also you're identical to I'm not
emotional I just wish to target my
money and making myself up you recognize
getting my stuff together I really don't
have time for love like I feel like a
lot of prices you're gonna gentleman in my
comment stating if you don't speak with them
I actually would appreciate but yet you might be
seeing I like looking through to ensure that's definitely
humorous I do think lots of you guys are only
form of such as the king of swords close to
the ace of Pentacles that is definitely no emotion
you're not you're not emotional and It is really
because you're centered on the bag otherwise you
target you know securing your long term
or securing your lifetime and existence is just
happening close to you and so you might be
seeking to maneuver via it you know
you're trying to just you know bob and
weave it but You can not Bob and leave
this I am sorry several of you fellas if that
Satan Power with that lovers It is like
you guys are also focused on the material
but The great point regarding the aina merchants
is after it commences exhibiting up as part of your
readings this means you happen to be wanting to split
free of charge from that mold so you might be gonna
know some of you fellas may not even
know very well what That is this is what I pull
this card and It is really like oh you might have cease
loading the limiting law enforcement persons are
like what do you mean you may well be like
just what the me limiting what you understand
people Will not see You do not see it
as it's This is exactly why the individual ship
blindfolds but ultimately you will ok
This is why it will come up with your readings
so within the in the vicinity of foreseeable future we possess the queen
of Wands here any time I believe plenty of
you guys are taking over her Vitality some
of you guys can be that means someone
like her who's a super boss she's Tremendous
supportive she's a awesome lady see all
these vehicles traveling out I did not even question
alright so let's see what this queen of
Wands is bringing along with her while in the near
foreseeable future and he or she's bringing with her and
b7 of comps What exactly's a probability some
of you especially if you are a guy
this queen of Wands you could meet up with
any person or you could potentially already know this
queen of Wands and she can be
perplexing the life outside of you you could potentially
just be undecided about her you realize
she's just you don't know what she's
undertaking for Many others of you guys so if
you are a lady this queen of Wands
Vitality Your whole body in it and It is really supporting
you to attract in a number of suitors
the one challenge is usually that you don't know
which ones which
so let's see why the queen of Wands
Electricity comes in during the around foreseeable future for
you pricy son memorizing persons
that is because of the 3 of cups but
you guys let your hair down a few of you
men could possibly have a reunion a few of you fellas
could have head out with somebody Use a
actually good time or you can commit to
just have a good time and be your self
and be pleasurable and become gentle-hearted and you simply
know you are just attracting folks like
honey to your B or b2 or honey
I continue to keep accomplishing this How come I retain indicating
that however, you're just attracting an individual
or attracting folks and however you're
attracting a ton of different provides
that some of you guys all of them can
feel really amazing but you gotta decide on
and that is why that is in which the lovers
is available in all right for the reason that your obstacle is
that like only one of these was meant to
be with you and one of them which is understand
to become with you It is actually so astounding
It can be essentially ideal for you due to the fact
the enthusiasts is your obstacle or your
okay so creating a call so when the
exterior variables influences all-around you
could be the knight of Wands ok so This could certainly
be adjustments going on around you a
individual man or woman I come to feel like it's the
particular person what is the static as soon as the
knight of ten 9 of Pentacles
all right so for many of you guys you could potentially
Have a very knight of Wands or even a knight of
wands period of time as well as a variety of different
knight of Wands individuals it can even
be a what is actually it termed a leo specific
or an Aries personal or even a
Sagittarius but I am finding Leo predominantly
that possibly comes in and you understand
They are super ample or They are coming
in with some sort of materials abundance
of some sort but whatever they're truly
bringing along with you is an opportunity to move ahead
from tumultuous times since recall
we saved looking at that 5 of swords
energy so there is something that you are
not totally above and this Vitality is coming
in in the shape it could can be found in the form
of someone it come in the form of just
type of alterations occurring around you but
It truly is to bring you away from that to maneuver
you forward so you start to like experience
much better why Is that this not Yvonne's Power
close to you due to justice yeah
justice It is really such as this is This can be to
bring balance to your lifetime all right so I
Do not know That is permanent for all of it
you fellas it feels like In case you have a ton
of various suitors coming in about
you one of them Pisces one of these could
be like actually actually definitely great for
you ok I realize I just instructed you bread
that to be a singles examining but it surely just
seems like a singles readings um but one
of these might be seriously really excellent for
you for many of you fellas even though if
you are coupled you can be Assembly
any individual along with your problem is the fact that like
probably you're scared of like You do not
choose to both cheat on the
partnership or should you be inside a
not-so-superior relationship you can be
type of like scared as you're
fearful to love depart that marriage
Although you should All people's
unique All people's distinctive most
situations you need a personalized looking at men
so if a little something's plaguing you you already website know
my Sites joined in the description
bar and obtain me up so you discuss okay
alright so this is this variation is coming
in to deliver equilibrium okay It is coming in
the shape of somebody who which presenting
you love so the general welcome Electricity
of both of these months will be the ace of cops so
there is certainly new love the general Power is usually a
there is certainly coronary heart chakras opening all right
expression consider the Sunlight they're just
ah expression happiness Pleasure Of course ok so
let's see why we get it the Sun all right so
Let's have a look at why the ace of cups would be the
All round Vitality for these two months for
Pisces Sunlight moon mounting persons to
buy a thirty day period is just truly definitely
delighted so The rationale why the overall
Electrical power would be the ace of cups is because of
the emperor so thus a few of you
fellas There's a human being coming into your
daily life it could be in Aries or Leo for
several of you guys It can be - Aries are Leo's
or It is just lots of fiery folks
coming into your daily life and one of them
one of these is like in fact really great
for you
examine that one of these is actually
seriously great to suit your needs you gotta be smart
Pisces all right since it seems like you are
not you might be gonna be like I am unable to determine
I don't even want to come to a decision let us just
continue to keep getting entertaining but like at some point
you happen to be gonna have to decide I'd say
You should not Really don't hurry into it have your exciting
transform up you understand transform up get lit but
Here is your hopes interferes It truly is like
you are feeling like You cannot manage All of this
so several of you guys are that means a huge amount of
various persons therefore you're carrying on
with so many different people today you might be
such as this is too much I gotta make up my
thoughts I don't know how to proceed did you
know like but this is absolutely thrilling
you've a whole lot of scholars a great deal of
Power plenty of fun hearth as part of your adore
lifetime plenty of it coming in and also you men
are merely sort of like not showing all
your cards you are aware of your spices you might be
transferring for Pisces and I understand many
Pisces in the past couple of years or Pisces
usually I just feel like you recognize
specially when you are any individual who may have
professional currently being burned by people or
getting burned by enjoy and you are aware of you
did all this healing with that queen of
cup senator you did all this healing and
you realize all that things or whichever you
are like in only you now you've got the
for hen and adore spices you are doing And that i
Feel you ought to Enjoy your playing cards appropriate
that's what Actually I'd tell you
that but I am an air indicator so I might
usually say what are you doing
constantly put your playing cards proper all right so
That is what I've in your case guys but I
see It is really quite exciting Actually some
of you men if you want to head out in
October you superior head out alright turnout
mainly because it just cuz the queen of Wands
it is not even just like likely out and
like becoming Silly It is really the same as just
going out and identical to exhibiting yourself
just you already know just displaying your deal with out
there you guys are remarkably magnetic in
October and Kenya therefore you guys are
attracting in somebody for a great deal of you
guys that It is gonna be you to remain this
person it's actually not heading anywhere
a number of you fellas if you're attractive
specially multiple human being certainly one of
those individuals as someone that you are
meant to marry I am not even kidding I'm
truly not so that's why I've for you personally
guys Pisces let me understand how issues are
going allow me to know let me know let me
know if you can get in the initially
fifty percent of the looking at and you also were not
offended um undoubtedly go ahead and
depart your Tale I need to know how
things switch out to suit your needs Pisces you realize
through the month I'm excited and I'll
speak to you guys before long bye Pisces
[New music]

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